Brisbane Prices for Female Strippers

G-String Strip Show or Full Nude Show

A tantalizing 10 minute strip show down to g-string or full nude, this show is full costume with a choreographed routine with some crowd participation for the guest of honour. This show is suitable to mixed functions or tame bucks parties Price: $185

R-Rated Nude Show

This is the same as the G-String / Full Nude Show but includes open leg action plus a variety creams, moisturizers, oils, whips, candles. Please specify if you have a particular request Price: $200

Strawberry and Cream Show

This full nude show with open leg action ends with your stripper for dessert! Fresh cream and strawberries anyone? Price $230

Bubble Bath Show

R-Rated full nude show ending with slippery wet fun! Available in warmer months only! Price $230

R-Rated Lesbian Revue Show

This is a 30 minute lesbian show that includes 2 hot strippers perform the ultimate bucks party show including 10 minutes of lingerie lap dances, 10 minute stimulated lesbian show and finish up with 10 minutes full nude lap dances Price $510

RRR-Triple Treat

Please plan this show in advance! Book 3 hot strippers for 15 minutes of fun lesbian action! 3 strippers all at once! Spoil your buck and book only the best show! Price $600

X-Rated Single Vibe Show

This show is great for functions where you want something wild without going crazy! Includes the use of either a vibe or a dildo and some participation for the guest of honor. This is a 15 - 20 minute show Price $270

X-Rated Hot Vibe Show

This is a 25 - 30 minute show and includes the use of a variety of lollypops, insertion with vibes or dildos, pearls or masturbation and full costume to full nude show and some participation for the guest of honor Price $285

X-Rated Specialty Show

Looking for the ultimate in solo X-Rated shows that Gold Coast has to offer? This is a classy act including all that's in the X-Rated vibe but also strawberry and cream and ending in a bubble bath. Performed only by specific performers. Price $325

X-Rated Fruit n Veg Show

Just like the X-Rated Hot Vibe show but add sexy stunts done with Fruit n Vegetables including a variety of two of the following: banana, carrot and cucumber. This is not a national substitute but will have everyone laughing! This is approx 25 - 30 minutes. Please note this is a specialty show, not all performers can do this act Price $320

XXX-Rated Anal Show

Including everything in the X-Rated Hot Vibe Show but also anal action. Only specific performers can do this act, please ask! Price $450

XX-Rated Lesbian Show

This show is a hot lesbian show performed by our hot lesbian show strippers, this show includes a 25 minute show jammed packed full of hot sex toys, double ender action or strap ons and more! Price $550

XX-Rated Lesbian Show

Book in advance fella's this show is in HOT demand! 30 - 35 minute show includes 2 hot strippers, vibes, dildo's, double ender AND strap-on plus strawberry and cream and bubble bath by both strippers. This is a specialty show and only performed by select showgirls Price $650

Gold Coast's Longest Double Show

During this 1 1/2 hours of entertainment everyone will enjoy a lapdance from the hot strippers for approx 30 minutes, followed by a X-Rated Lesbian Show and finishing up with nude lapdances from your showgirls. Price $1200

XXX-Triple Treat

You may see triple acts advertised elsewhere, but this is the original and the best! 3 HOT acts all at once! Fancy a school girl, a nurse and a cop teasing your buck? Well here is your chance! All 3 strippers under 25 but don't let their age fool you, their show will have everyone talking! This is a 30 minute show and includes vibrators, dildo's, double enders and strap-ons Price $975